Born on the Ground review in Classic Rock Magazine UK Issue #280
Abandoned by her mother and dragged up by CBGB, Emily Duff's hard knock life has given the NYer more right than most to scream into the void. Yet while Born on the Ground chronicles nine break-ups, with a song for each scar, the singer-songwriter comes from a place of wisdom, glad to be shot of the feckless ex- on We Ain't Goin' Nowhere's country-soul and the domestic abuser who stalks the rockabilly grooves of Knuckle Sandwich.
Duff made her recent albums at FAME studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with a crack squad of musos, but tracking live in Brooklyn, with production from original Joan Jett guitarist Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, has brought out the grit, honey & melody.  There's blood on these tracks: the hectic scuttle of Easy Go! hides a fear that "loving me only leads to pain," while There is a Way Out sounds like a piano left out in the rain.  But there's hope too, on the Springsteen-touched heartlands rocker Forever Love or Something Sexy, a kiss-off worthy of Stevie Nicks at her best.  8/10
Emily Duff heeds "The Call" for the Biden/Harris ticket for Election 2020

Inspired by the "state of it all" and the current administration, Emily wrote and released two political songs and created a video for "the Call" available to view here.  "Devils & Snakes" will be released soon.

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Do Albums Matter Anymore?


Emily joins Jerrell Powell, V Torres & Daniel Donato on the 440 Podcast to discuss the importance of the record album and how that format exists in our current musical landscape.  Check that out at: